[General Rules]

[1] Meshing is not allowed in any form. This includes hard meshing (Physically forcing yourself through the ground), and soft meshing (Placing structures in landscape that can be walked through)!

[2] Abusing Exploits is not allowed!

[3] English only in Global Chat

[4] No Racism or Hate speech!

[5] TribeNames must be the same on all Maps!

[6] Teaming is only allowed in PVE situations!

[7] Raiding With Titans or the Titanosour is not allowed!

[8] FoBs must be picked up when done Raiding!


[9] Random open turrets are not allowed you may have them aslong as you are doing something in the Area just pick them up once you are done!


[10] No Insiding of any kind!

[Building Rules]

[1] Only 1 Cave per Tribe on the Cluster!

[2] Invisible spam, Floating Vaccum Compartments and spamming excessively is not allowed!

[3] Using more then 4 Cliff platforms as spam within 25 foundations is not allowed!

[4] Using S+ Cliffplatforms as Spam is not allowed

[5] Building in or Blocking

-TheIsland Strong Cave (SnowCave)

-TheIsland Brute Cave (easy Underwater)

-TheIsland Cunning Cave (Hard Underwater)

-Abberation Stalker, Depths, Shadows Caves

-Abberation Southwest Surface Entrance

-Ragnarok Hunter Cave (Lava Golem)

-Ragnarok Pack Cave (Ice Queen)

is not allowed!

[6] Only 1 ORP Per Tribe Per Map !

[7] No Invisible or Floating Structures

[Rules for 4-man Tribes only]

[Make a Request to a Admin to Become a 4-man Tribe]


[1] You are not allowed to raid with a party of more then 3 players, this includes moving of resorces and beeing present at the location of the Raid. The only exception to this rule is when attacking a 4-man tribe.


[2] Breaking Rule 1 Depending on the Situation could Result in a Tribe Wipe!


[3] Switching Players During Raid is not allowed !


[4] The member not participating in the Raid is not allowed to go close to the Raid target base, Players or Structures.


[5] The member not participating in the Raid or Fight is not allowed to Raid another Tribe During The Raid.


[all 4-man Tribes are listed in the Discord]