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[General Rules]

[1] Use common sense

[2] Pvp of any kind, Raiding, tame sniping or other methods of disrupting another Tribe are not allowed unless agreed upon by the other tribe.

[3] if 2 or more tribe agree upon war or just having pvp fights no 3rd party unless agreed upon by both initial tribes can join the fight.

[4] Meshing is not allowed in any form. This includes hard meshing (Physically forcing yourself through the ground), and soft meshing (Placing structures in landscape that can be walked through)!

[5] Abusing Exploits is not allowed!

[6] No Racism or Hate speech!


[7] Random open turrets are only allowed if they are set to Wild only!


[Building Rules]

[1] Only 1 Cave per Tribe per Map!

[2] Invisible spam, Floating Vaccum Compartments and spamming excessively is not allowed!

[3] Using more then 4 Cliff platforms as spam within 25 foundations is not allowed!

[4] Using S+ Cliffplatforms as Spam is not allowed

[5] Blocking acces to artifacts or content in caves is not allowed!

[7] No Invisible or Floating Structures

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