4x  Harvest

  5x  Taming Speed

  3x  Experience

  5x  Egg Hatching Speed

  5x  Maturation Speed

0.2x Mating Interval

1.5x Loot Quality

1.5x Fishing Loot Quality

Server Settings:

Server Difficulty 5 which means Normal Dinos go up to lvl 150 ! 


Max Player Level 105 (with all Ascentions + Chibi 155) ! 


Tribe Limit is 3 ! Tribe of 4 can be Requested check Rules!


Alliances are Disabled !


Cave Flyers Enabled !


Tame Limit 700 !


Turret limit in Range 150 !

No Timer on Mindwipes !

Deinonychus and Crystal Wyverns have been added to Ragnarok!

All Artifacts can be found on Abberation check the Discord

#pvp-Resource-map for locations!

Unlimited Grappels, Torch, Scissors!

Crystal Wyverns Spawn Everywhere on Ragnarok!


Deinonychus/eggs Spawn in The small Tundra Area on Ragnarok around 27-40!